A Scanner Darkly

First of all, when you watch this film *concentrate*. I didn’t… and got confoosed. However it was worth watching just for the gorgeous “rotoscoped” animation covering the entire film (as you can see from the picture). It was so well done that sometimes it looked completely real, I guess because my mind must have been filling in the detail.

The story of relationships and drug abuse set slightly in the future was really good, I’ve got the audiobook now so let’s see if it lives up to the reputation – whenever I’ve read books by people like Philip K Dick or Asimov I’ve been disappointed. The main character wears a scramble suit which totally camoflages his entire appearance in the most visually confusing way possible, I want one! The other main subject of the film was Substance-D (or ‘Death’!) a drug which makes the two halves of your brain act independently so you’re not sure what is real any more, there was a good quote about its addictiveness, something like “You’re either on Substance-D or you’ve not tried it yet, there is no inbetween”.

Talking of quotes, Robert Downy Jr. has a lot of the best in the film… after watching a friend nearly die of choking his advice begins with… “Alright, I’m gonna give you a little feedback since you seem to be proceeding through life like a cat without whiskers perpetually caught behind the refrigerator…“. hehe. Anyway, I’ve rambled enough, give it a go just for the visuals alone.