Altered Carbon

Have just finished Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan, it was a good fun read. Set in the future where peoples bodies are just “sleeves” that can be replaced in the event of death, it follows a private detective (or “clever psycho thug” more accurately) trying to solve a case of apparent suicide.

I marked a few good passages as I read…

  • “Leave your hands right there, and sit the rest of you down. You twitch a finger and I’ll take it off at the wrist”
  • “My nose broke with a sensation like biting into celery” (ouchy)
  • “There was an attempt at humour floating in her voice, rather like a corpse in a swimming pool”

The story was well paced and ended well, it was never going to be high brow fiction but it kept me gripped. One interesting concept it brought up was that it was possible (but illegal) to have your mind/personality downloaded into multiple bodies (which could be different, or exact clones) at the same time… and had some pretty intense ideas about the sexual possibilities this brought up!