Anyone for a jaffa cake?

Managed the full circuit for my 10K run today woohoo. 1hr 7mins!

  • Good things about conkers : the conker trees smell great, it takes you right back to childhood
  • Bad things about conkers : a bit like acorns, when you see them on the route ahead of you then you try to kick them (this is I think a male only habit, a bit like the overwhelming urge to throw a stone in the sea when you’re at the beach or scratch your, um, anyway). Trying to kick a conker when running means you mess up your stride, when you mess up your stride you fall over and get humped by a hobo.
  • There are no good things about seeing other people when you’re running. This is because no matter what ‘speed’ you’re moving at (trust me I’ve been overtaken by tectonic drift) you have to speed up when you see another person, it just happens automatically. Bstds!
  • Good things about losing weight due to running : My shorts are getting less tight around the trouser department.
  • Bad things about losing weight due to running : My iPod is tucked into my waistband and unfortunately as this is getting looser I don’t have anywhere to put my iPod
    • Don’t suggest between my butt cheeks, that’s where I keep my emergency jaffa cakes.

No snake attacks today thank Jebus