Billy Elliot, Naked Men Fighting And Not Lewis Hamilton

Surely after a title like that I don’t need to write any more?

I went to see a production of Billy Elliot in London last week and it was awesome. As I’m sure you know from the film, Billy is a white, northern, poor young lad… well in the stage show he was black! Came as a surprise at first but the actor was brilliant! Being a sentimental sap I spent most of the play sobbing quietly (as with the film) and barely registered that the seats in the theatre were slightly more painful than pretending you’re a MacBook Air and being put into a manilla envelope.

As for Naked Men Fighting… I watched Eastern Promises by the same director (and actor) as the brilliant A History of Violence. It is such a good film, where as A History of Violence has cheerleader sex, this story had Sauna Sex! Well, I’ve been telling all my male friends that there is a great erotic scene in a sauna… when you watch the film you’ll realise I ain’t being entirely honest.

Finally, I have now seen Not Lewis Hamilton twice at the Kennels. I think I might have mentioned that we’re now members at this super posh restaurant (you have to pay to simply join it, before you ever can go there to eat!) and for the last two times I’ve seen a guy who looks exactly like Lewis Hamilton. Apparently Lewis is at Goodwood often so it might be him. The only thing that makes it unlikely is I think this guy is French (-: (subsequent edit, went back there again, asked staff… he ain’t Lewis Hamilton and he ain’t French) (doh!).

Yes I know it’s profligate to pay to have the opportunity to eat somewhere, I do get that. But assholes! There, that’s my reasoned response.