Calvin and Hobbes

You know, not a week goes by without me thinking about Calvin and Hobbes, something about the comics really managed to speak to me. I remember sharing the fake last episodes (where Calvin has been taking tablets to help him concentrate and they turn Hobbes back into a stuffed toy) and being incredibly depressed.

Two good things though, firstly the KickStarters project “Dear Mr Watterson”¬†looks like it might be a great film, aiming to discover how the brilliant cartoon strip managed to have such an impact on so many people. Part of me really wants them to be able to interview Bill Watterson, but I know he loves his privacy and has completely leg go of Calvin. But I wonder if he still thinks of him? Secondly, even though there are only currently four comics, I really thought that the “Pants are Overrated” Calvin and Hobbes tributes managed to capture the essence of the originals very well.

I wonder if Calvin and Susie got together? Would that have been far too obvious and sickly sweet? Maybe, but I think it would have been right. Then again him never growing up was probably the best thing possible.

If you’re feeling strong enough, here is the fake cartoon…