C’est Moi

I’m possibly going to start blogging again in the New Year. Maybe. But it’s worth a short post to summarise my 2009…


There, that’s pretty much it really. Although I can’t miss out on the opportunity to mention that I have a medal and two of my toenails are still missing and another two toenails are still black. It’s been two months!

I haven’t started running again yet, am waiting till the New Year. Myself and some buddies have plans to take part in some events that should be fun, luckily managing to avoid the suggestions of an IronMan or running to Everest base camp, jesus think what might drop off on one of those events.

I’ve watched some wonderful films, Up, Inglourious Basterds, 9, Taken, The Brothers Bloom, Star Trek (yes really), Moon, District 9 and Zombieland. And still have Avatar, The Road and The Lovely Bones to see!

Books wise it’s been a bit meh. I loved City of Thieves and The Road. I nearly forgot the very very strange Kafka on the Shore which has the most compelling, disgusting scene of cat… well, good god, it was horrible, but the book was full of stunning quotes like…

“I can’t keep myself from saying her name. Maybe she’ll be frightened by my voice and leave the room, never to return. I’d feel terrible if that happened. No – not terrible, that’s not what I mean. Devastated is more like it. If she never came back everything would be lost to me for ever. All meaning, all direction.Everything. I know this, but go ahead and risk it anyway – and call her name.”

However books haven’t been a complete washout as I’ve just finished re-reading all of the Adrian Mole books. They’re so depressing and hilarious…

“I had been 26-yrs old before realising in fact that there were, in fact, six senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste and dress sense”.

Hmm, what else. I loved Snow Patrol’s The Lightning Strike, work is still terrible, I have an awesome car (which hasn’t started for 5 days due to another flat battery and has doors that are frozen shut), jaffa cake situation is still terrible, Ugly Betty finished amazingly and I ran the New York Marathon!