Dinosaurs and Swans


Just returned from an amazing 2 day experience in London thanks to work. The price I had to pay was having to give a conference presentation… but it was worth it!

The first evening involved a really interesting tour of London (did you know the new penthouses near Hyde Park sold for 85MILLION quid each!) and the private hire of about 10 of the London Eye capsules for a trip on the Millenium Wheel – with food and drink provided on each capsule!. Next was a few beers and then dinner in Antony Worrall Thompsons NottingGrill restaurant. Food was great, especially the shared seafood platter to start. But then day two… wow….After the conference, we were coached to the Natural History Museum which was opened exclusively for the 1000 conference attendees for a private party…. as you walked in the front doors you were greated by a group of girls on stilts dressed as peacocks, swans and flamingos (wow!) who walked around the museum all night tickling the back of your neck with a swan/peacock/flamingo feather when you were least expecting it. OK, that sounds a bit odd… when the hell would you ever be expecting to be tickled by a swan? Anyway, the CEO of the company holding the conference and his other execs then greeted us with glasses of wine and beer…. then you entered the main hall of the museum, the one with the huge dinosaur….

At this point is was hard not to scream like a 14yr old girl who’s just won a pony and run around pointing at things. Underneath the dinosaur was one of about 3 huge bars with free drinks (mmm Baileys with a beer and coke on top with wine and a straw as well please!) All around the sides of the hall were different food stalls. For example a “burger bar” that served fillet steak sandwiches, the “cheese stall” with massive cheeses from different countries, the “sweet shop” that had ice-cream and then huge, massive pots of flakes, jellybellys and marshmallows you could sprinkle on top, noodle and sushi bars (mmm sushi), a “pudding bar” where they had trifles with loads of different toppings you could put onto your puddings, even OK Magazine were there taking ‘celebrity’ photos of us that they printed out on fake magazines for free. At the front of the museum was a fantastic live band playing ambient lovely music (the girls playing the violins were connected wirelessly so toured round everyone as they played). This is all ON TOP of the fact that we were in the amazing Natural History Museum which looked so gorgeous in the summer evening and with access to the dinosaurs exhibits and other parts of the museum!