Eclectic Music

Isn’t eclectic a good word? If someone ever described any aspect of my taste as eclectic I’d be pleased! The reason I mention it is because I’ve spent the last two hours in the bath in Dublin (I come to Dublin just to bathe don’t you know) listening to the 94 songs that I’ve rated with the magical four stars on my iPod. I’d love to analyse what makes them my favourites. I *think* the word I’d use is good (ha, in my opinion) rhythm. For example, my top songs tonight were Open Up by Leftfied (best intro of any song ever), the Apollo 440 remix of Sit Down by James (p.s. stop trying to think about liking these songs, it’s not important that you do hehe), Mr Blue Sky by E.L.O. (Hey you with the pretty face, welcome to the human race!), some instrumentals – for example Perpetuum Mobile by Jeffes and Black and White from The Thomas Crown Affair, Ray of Light by Madonna, Rock is Dead by Marilyn Manson (yep!) and the Sopranos Theme Song. That’s why I think rhythm is the key thing to all of these songs; they’re all foottappintastic. So does that mean the damned drums are my favourite instrument? Ewww, I’d rather learn anything else please! Splosh!