Elve Shelves

Not really shelving for elves… although my new project would be pretty suitable to home an entire city of Santa’s little helpers. What the hell am I on about? Well I’ve finished decorating my study at lasttttt. This project has been on and off, and off and off some more for about a year now… but over the last few weekends I’ve finished off all the “wood work” (ha, I’m an amateur) and painting and sanding then more painting then crying because I’d made some of the holes too small then more sanding.

Anyway, before you look at the photos I want you to pay special attention to the high-gloss-white-cabinet. Looks nice yes? Was only £200 from IKEA. The alternative one I was looking at was £800 quid more expensive.

So, a good deal!


The instruction book from IKEA was 29 pages long! And it had no words in it! 29 pages of *random pictures* and some cartoon Swedish smug git with eyebrows that made you seem inferior if you didn’t understand that gromit 10293 fitted to flange 34945 via a clockwise wrist permutation. Bastard!

And it had parts missing! It nearly killed me, it definitely made me cry. Spending 800quid more was a realistic and practical alternative.

Here are the pics, excuse the cat…

Yes I know I need more art. But count those fricking shelves! H u n d r e d s. If not T h o u s a n d s .