Everything is Illuminated

Well, just from the title alone you can guess it’s going to be an excellent film, it just couldn’t fail! The story is about Frodo (you know who I mean) retracing his family history in the Ukraine to find the woman who saved his Grandfather in the war. The road trip with the guide (a guy who’s obsessed with American culture), his ‘blind’ Grandfather and the mad seeing-eye bitch Sammy Davis Jr Jr is beautifully filmed and grows from a simple story into a difficult journey into their pasts and the things people did to get through the war. If you hear any of the songs from the soundtrack on you radio you’d throw it out the window – but in this film they were a perfect match for the visuals. I must add the book to my wishlist. Hehe, I kind of imagine the moment when Elijah Wood was given the script and told “it’s a story about a long journey involving a hidden ring”.