In less than two days time I have to run a 10K road race, my first – and probably last – ever.

Let me describe my recent preparation

  • As you know, I haven’t been drinking for the last 3 months. In that time I’ve drunk like a fish every time I have a “reason”. A “reason” could be
    • I’ve been for a run so deserve a beer
    • I’m seeing family and it’d be rude not to
    • I’m away with friends and it would be rude not to
    • It’d be rude not to
  • Getting a cold for the 2 weeks before the race and only doing two runs in total
  • Eating fillet steak, crispy duck, massive lasagne (not all in one day, but it doesn’t *sound* like race preparation food does it?!?!)
  • Whenever I’ve been for a run recently, I’ve made an excuse to stop early
  • I forgot how to do stretching exercises. Stretching is the process of making your legs move into different positions that they don’t normally easily go into… well, I’ve forgotten how?!?! I really mean it, I have now idea how to make my muscles stretch
  • Forgetting to buy a running shirt so I’ll be running in a normal t-shirt
  • Failing to get an armband for my iPod so it’ll have to be tucked into my waistband and then fall out. This will probably happen on the start line so I’ll bend over and cause a domino effect as 5000 people fall over me
  • On the good side tho, I have regularly fallen over and been humped by hobos