I’m undergoing a fight, a monumental fight between good and evil. I so hope I lose.

On one side is the good… here is the list of the good things I do

  1. I occasionally go to the gym

On the other side is the evil. You’re already guessing this list is going to have more than one thing on it yeh?

  1. Gorgeous lamb at the Royal Oak in Lavant
  2. The lasagne at the Fox Goes Free
  3. Fillet steak in The Gingerman at Drakes of Brighton
  4. Fillet steak with cheek of beef in JSW of Petersfield
  5. Amazing duck, brill, pork at Combe House Hotel
  6. Yummy lamb at Baliffscourt
  7. Everything edible at Arundel House
  8. Steak again at Oaks Restaurant
  9. Mmm noodles at Wagamama
  10. Pizza Hut pizza mmm

Sigh, chubster. p.s. fat cat courtesy of…. Flickr