Happy Frostbitten Feet

Woohoo I’ve booked my summer (?) holiday toooooo Antartica!

Let’s see how many buttons it ticks…

  1. Warm, Sunny climate? “Temperatures plummet to -50c inland and tend towards -20c to -30c around the shore”
  2. Interesting culture and people? “No, they’re all dead or tourists”
  3. Urrr, nice journey to get there? “Flight to Madrid 2.5hrs, Flight to Santiago 12hrs, flight to Ushuaia probably 4hours, boat trip to Antartica 2days in some of roughest seas on planet”
Oh god what have I done. I’m going to hurl over every one of these penguins. Hang on though don’t penguins *like* that sort of thing? They seem to in nature programmes.Anyway, it should be pretty awesome, might have the opportunity to go kayaking, sleep overnight on the ice, see a whale or two, interfere with a peng… um… watch a penguin or 10,000 from a safe distance.Here are some more photos that I’ll be stealing and recycling if it’s crap weather…