Her Fearful Symmetry

Remember how awesome The Time Travellers Wife was? Well this book is by the same author and it’s not quite as good… but still a gorgeous story. Two identical twins in their early twenties from USA come to live next to Highgate Cemetery and get haunted and can’t break away from their past to live in their future. Hmm, well actually that covers the story pretty much, but what the author manages to do so perfectly is develop such “wonderful but damaged” characters. My favourite has the be Martin, a man who has severe a severe case of OCD but is still such a rich and adorable guy – I was so pleased how his separate story developed as he tried to master his obsessions.

As the story develops you can see that so many of the main characters are looking both forwards and backwards and loving people in their past and future and you can’t see how any of the issues will ever resolve themselves. In the end the issues sort of do get sorted out – and in the last lines of the book one of the characters makes a decision that I’m so glad they did otherwise I might have hate the book (I won’t give it away but he did the right thing!).

The end of The Time Travellers Wife was truly beautiful, but one of the characters in Her Fearful Symmetry has quite a sad ending… and I can’t work out if that gets resolved by the last few lines of the book. Sigh, it’s impossible to explain any of this without giving the story away so I’ll shutup. I’m off to London soon and am definitely going to visit Highgate Cemetery and look out for the ghosts riding on the crows. Oh and I absolutely need a Little Kitten Of Death!!!