How to write

If I ever get past the procrastination stage (and not even begin to consider how I’d word the dedication page to make you realise), I still don’t know how I could write descriptive text. When I try to write it, it seems over the top and sentimental. But when I read amazing passages like the one below from the very mad book The Bridge I am in complete awe of the author’s ability.

At my back lay the desert, ahead the sea. One golden, one blue, they met like rival modes of time. One moved in the immediate, sparkling in troughs and crests, lifting white and falling, beating the shelf of sand, and the tide as breath . . . the other moved more slowly, but as surely, the tall advancing waves of sand stroked over the waste by the combing hand of the unseen wind.

See what I mean? By the way, the iBooks application on the iPad makes it amazingly easy to clip and bookmark your favourite section of books, just in case you don’t own one… yet.