I R Marathoneer

Hmm, Well that *sounds* like it’s the technical term for running. I was going to go with “hero of the universe”, but modesty is my middle name


Well it’s over, thank jeebus! And I have proof…

OK so you have to click on it to be able to read. But out of 18 pages of results, there is me… on page… well, let’s not go into the page numbers eh. IT’S NOT PAGE 18 SHUTUP!!!

As for the event itself, my god I was nervous. Forgeting to breath was the least of my problems. I messed up my iPod as we started and was listening to the wrong song, I had no idea what my pace was I just flowed with the crowd, well flowed behind the crowd mainly. But then it got difficult… now you know from my blogging that something bad always happens on my runs… this time it was cars.

It turns out there was a big car event on at Goodwood, so for about 2K of the run it was single line running next to 5000 cars all driving at 2mph and burping fumes over us all! Bstds! It was really icky breathing for that entire time and there was no way today that I was going to make the day of any hobo.

The second problem was the heat. It’s October… October isn’t summer. But it was sunny and 18degrees. WTF?!?!?! Sweaty nipple city!

Ah that reminds me of my third problem, I bought a new proper running shirt yesterday and wore it for the first time today… bad idea. Some git in a sweatshop in Cambodia thought it’d be funny to line the inside of my top with sandpaper. If anyone finds my nipples, pleassse give them back to me! I wored them off!

My most pressing thought round the entire circuit was that it was absolute hell and I wanted to die. Surely Paula Radcliffe doesn’t think those sort of thoughts? Hmm, well maybe in Athens she did. Anyway it wasn’t fun, at all.

For the last 3k of the run I was continually in a race with a woman who was so short she had to take detours around cracks in the road. There was no bloody way I was going to be beaten by her and thankfully in the last 100m I was able to muster enough energy to sprint past woohooo. Oh great, now I look at the results and see she was in the veterans group so not only short but older than me as well. Sigh, shakes tiny fist at sky!

I followed some critical warm down procedures after the run…

  • Collapsed in a heap
  • Went to Sainsburys and bought a roast chicken, roast spuds, beer and pringles
  • Ate and Ate
  • Drank and Drank
  • Fell asleep in my running outfit for 3hours

Um, maybe that should be in my training book? Or actually, not.

Thanks for all the text messages of support, sorry to anyone who put money on me dying (-:

p.s. Not hinting or anything, but my official prize was a mug. I think the universe owes me… right? everyone? I WANNA PONY!