I wuv u

Well, I’ve had my iPhone for a month or so now and I can safely confirm it’s gorgeoussss. More surprisingly though it’s actually really good to use. Texting is fine (apart from driving, um, I mean when you’re walking and you can’t see the screen), the internet speeds are better than my 3G phone even though Edge access (that’s a network thing, not the U2 guitarist) is extremely patchy. I use google maps and eMail all the time and it fits snugglyyy into my pocket. Although to be honest I’ve probably chunked up so much over Xmas that a piece of tracing paper would fit snuggly into my pocket. Did I mention it’s shiny? And awesome?

My only real complaint is that the speaker is pretty poor for listening to music without headphones. I can’t wait for cell based location and the SDK to launch now!