Jamie’s Italian (Brighton)

Jamie Olivers “TV persona” makes me want to strangle every last mockney breath out of him. So, it’s safe to say I wasn’t expecting much when I visited his Italian restaurant in Brighton. But wow was I pleasently surprised. The staff were really great, I liked how you could see into the kitchen and they were preparing food inside the restaurant itself, the decor was cool and best of all the bread was gorgeous. Yes, the bread. I’m getting to the point where the part I remember about restaurants is the bread not the food! I had a burger (10quid) and it was probably the second nicest I’ve ever eaten (nothing can beat the one served in the hotel overlooking the Grand Canyon of course). For 30quid for enough food to make you feel full you can’t go wrong. You have to be careful what time you get there as I went at 11:45 and there was no queue (it opened at 12) and when I went back at 12 there was a big queue. But the food service was very fast so no complaints really. Along with Raymond Blanc’s great Brasserie Blanc you really do have to wonder why it’s worth spending more for food.

Pukka! Arghghghghghghghhh *strangle*