I finished it. It was pretty damned good. I kind of realised about 70% through it that there wasn’t going to be a big story line or anything, just a nice series of well put together sequences, extremely astute and just so damned *now*. Hmm, what’s the word for that, some German word or other.

Anyway, here is an truly great snippet, thanks Douglas! Don’t come and bury me in Kam’s driveway please.

Bree said, “I think computers ought to have a key called ‘I’m Drunk’ and when you push it, it prevents you from sending email for twelve hours.” Kaitlin said, “I’ve got another one: a key called FUCK OFF. You press it every time your computer does something annoying – in turn this would somehow force your computer to experience pain. And if you pushed SHIFT/FUCK OFF, you’d end up with FUCK OFF AND DIE, the computer equivalent of a razor being raked across your nipples.”

p.s. I Googled for the German word that implies ‘of the moment’ and all I found out was that ‘Dachshund’ literally means ‘Badger Dog’. Who the hell says the internet is just for porn and time wasting?! Mmm porn and time wasting.

p.p.s I found it! Thanks to a Wikipedia entry on common German phrases (which worringly comprises of phrases from nearly every German Second World War film you could imagine, like “Hände Hoch!” and “Panzer”). Anyway, the word is “Zeitgeist” – the spirit of the times or age.