Lambing and not broodiness

  1. Disgusting smells of poo everywhere
  2. Placentas and blood dangling from animals
  3. Bags of… I have no idea what… possibly amniotic fluid?!?! also dangling from animals

Sounds like a typical night out in Portsmouth to many of you, but definitely not the sort of thing that I’d ever be caught near. However…

I see’d a baby lamb being born!!!!!

Bleaghhh awwwww

Coombes Farm near Lancing (like many farms recently it seems) has an annual opportunity to go along and see the new lambs. On possibly one of the coldest days of the year I must say I could not have been much happier than when I saw hundreds of baby lambs all cuddled up to or hopping over their mums in the sheds/barns/whatever-they-are. We were also really lucky to see one being born, it was covered in blood and ickkkkk but it was so cool. I think maybe I’ll have one of those baby things now. Hahahahahahahahaa. No.

I king of castle!