Lara, oh Lara

Lara Croft/Mattison

I never, ever, replay games.

I’m currently on my third replay of the new Lara Croft reboot. It may not be my last.

It’s a truly spectacular game. Yes, yesss I know you think I’m saying this because it has Lara Croft in it and she shivers and whimpers and is covered in mud and needs me to help her shower, but really… the game itself, from the weapons to the graphics to the storyline, the voice acting and the emotional involvement is pitch perfect.

The story is set at the point when Lara discovers who she really is and becomes the Tomb Raider of the titles. I reckon she’s… hmm.. 22? She starts out naive and romantic but within about 15 minutes she’s shooting deer in the eyeballs and stabbing rabbits just to get the experience so I think it’s safe to say she’s a quick learner. The game really doesn’t shy away from painful moments and I have to look away now when I accidentally  impale her through the throat (wait, stop that right now). The story is mature as well, the only weak point is the stereotypical sidekicks including “angry black girl”, “nerd who wants to be cool” etc. By the end of the game she’s tough, scarred and as about as far away from Angeline Jolie as you could ever hope to be. I cannot wait for the follow-on games!