I’ve made a terrible mistake

So, as you know from the last post, I now have a tentative schedule that takes me round the course in New York, probably via the Cracks of Doom in Mordor. Urr yeh that was a nerdy reference, I’m sorry.

Well, I seem to have found a very serious mathematical mistake. Because I chose a more “realistic” schedule which has me running for 4 days a week for the year… (some of the schedules were 5, 6 or even 237 days a week) and being slightly technical I decided to work out how many miles I’ll be running in total.

And I appear to have found GOOGLE’S FIRST BIG MISTAKE

Yes, it turns out their Spreadsheet application in Google Docs cannot add up numbers! Yes! It must be true.

Because the total number of miles I need to run to prepare for the Marathon, by running 4 times a week for the next year…. appears to be….

1128 miles

There is only one response to that…

1 thought on “I’ve made a terrible mistake

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