An entire week out of my schedule!

Because I got a cold!

Nooooo, I’ll never ever get that week back!

I actually would be really annoyed by this but luckily I received a really good book on Marathon running called The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer. It’s a practical guide to Marathon running by these guys who set up a university course about training for a Marathon.

It answers some of the really important questions that I need answering… what should my running style be? (e.g. how is the best way to move my arms when running – that’s not actually that stupid a question!), what speed should I run at? How often should I breathe? (again, stop sniggering – that’s not a silly question! and the answer is something like once for every 2 strides, I think). But most importantly it is a book about confidence. If I followed the programme in the book then I’d only actually be training for 16weeks before the marathon day – and they have a practically nearly 100% success rate so there.

However being an idiot I’m training for 52 weeks. Ohgod, I was ill…51weeks! aieeee

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