OK so this photo is pretty amazing, and it’s impossible to really find any fault in her (and she’s running, which of course is what awesome people do), but Alessandra’s huge tummy is an opportunity for me to say I have lost over a stone already! Which, considering my butt and legs feel like they’re made from steel is mucho pleasing!

Running is still going OK, ran 20miles in total last week! Now I’m just starting the ’10K plan’ so my runs go back to 13miles a week and start building up from there thankfully! Unfortunately after each run I feel fine physically but mentally I’m a blob, I can barely string a sentence together for the following 6hours! So don’t expect me to call you on Marathon day.

Ah and one other confession of stupidity, I did a ‘Brad Pitt listening to music on a treadmill’ when I finished my 1hr 20 run a couple of days ago. cof.

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