50quid tells me not very much


I added (at a cost of 50 quid) a Garmin FootPod to my Forerunner 405 setup. This monitors my cadence (step rate)… but I was disappointed to see that it hardly changes throughout a run – it sits at a pretty static 80 steps per minute. I wonder if that’s telling me something? Like, if it’s static but my speed changes quite a lot, does that mean I’m moving further through the air when I’m going fast rather that actually just speeding up? So I’m just bouncing more? Sigh, unfortunately I’m still wiped out from my 7 mile run so can’t work it out.

We’ll see if that changes over time I guess and of course it gives me the opportunity to say that my run today involved 5760 punishing, horrible steps.

Also, I’m nearly at my sponsorship target after just three weeks! Woohoo. Still hoping for at least one more sponsor if you’re out there and thinking of me ever.

Finally for tonight, I have two great lolcat photos to use some time in the future. One will apply to me being stupid and one will apply to me tripping up. I wonder how long before I get to use arghghghhhhhhhhh bumpbumpbumpbump. Bloody cat sitting at top of stairs!I twipped

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