Quick post for any stalkers


For anyone keen enough (which at the moment just seems to be you, Mum) here is a link to my public Garmin Connect page where my running results are uploaded after each run…


From there you’re presented with a list of all my runs where you can view all the painful statistics. No, it’s not true that I’ve just attached my Forerunner 405 to a swan which swims up and down the canal all day!

p.s. I like stalkers. Or even people who go out on the route before me and leave jelly babies on the path. I don’t even mind if that redirects me to some witches cottage made out of gingerbread that you need a saw to cut through.

1 thought on “Quick post for any stalkers

  1. Try going to the witches cottage, she may give you a remedy for the blister, sore foot and stiff neck.

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