I’m slowly beginning to learn, I think, how to run to a time goal. Sure my idea of a long distance is only 8 miles at the moment, but I’m realising that if I want to get an average pace of 9.30minutes per mile for my 8 mile run then it’s logical… wait for it… to run at about 9.30minutes per mile.

Yes, obvious really isn’t it. But whether it’s because I’m male or stupid or both, I seemed to think “I’ll run faster than that and then I’ll definitely be under 9.30min/mile“. Then of course what happens is that I knacker myself out in the first couple of miles then hate the other 6 or so. Having the Garmin 405 is a huge help as it beeps at me in a friendly way after each mile telling me how much closer to dying finishing I am and what my pace is.

In other non-news, I’ve definitely hurt the ball of my foot. My 8 mile run on Sunday was pretty much a disaster. 2 miles into the run and my foot began to hurt so much that I had to stop. I had read that the pain might be due to horizontal (i.e. squeezing) pressure on your feet so I loosened my trainers a lot and this did allow me to carry on, but ouch it hurts. Oddly it doesn’t hurt all the time, and it doesn’t even hurt when I stretch my toes up, just randomly. Bloody feets!

I’m also beginning to spot the different stages in my running. Like most beginner runners, the first 10mins is fine, the second 10 mins makes you wish you were dead and the next 10 mins makes you wish everyone else was dead instead. I think this is something to do with where your body gets energy from and a switch over from one type to another (pretty technical description eh!). Suffice to say, after about 30mins you either lose the will to live, go numb from pain, or begin to settle into the run and then it just gets better and better. From then I just seem to be able to plod on forever. Happy sob Happy sob Joy sob Joy.

Oh, and as this post is titled ‘Progress’… I’m currently running 22miles a week, I’ve just finished the “10K Training Programme” and am now starting the half marathon programme which I think goes on for 16weeks. As for pace, for my runs in March I ran 83 miles and averaged 9.45 minute miles. Yes, I track my average pace in a spreadsheet, shutup.

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