London Marathon

Phil Packer

I watched the London Marathon at the weekend and realised that my biggest challenge in November isn’t going to be the W A L L or anything to do with my physical fitness. No, my main problems will be…

  • Blubbing at people who are clearly injured/disabled or raising lots of money for their dead children/parents/cats. Like the guy in the photo… Phil Packer, who is going to walk on crutches for 2 miles a day to complete the marathon in 2 weeks. Bloody hell, some people are amazing.
  • Getting fricking annoyed at people getting in my way constantly arghghghg. It looked like total chaos in the Marathon! There was one group that was something like 25 people tied together – wtf?!!? There was also the Ghostbusters StayPuff, a man dressed as a donkey and much much worse. Oh god, I’m going to get marathon rage I know it. Well, if I end up being chased it might help me run faster I guess?
  • Being totally distracted by every single thing that’s going on around me, namely 40,000 runners and several million spectators. I’m gonna be like the Pope on his balcony thing in Rome! Urrr, I am going to be the centre of attention right?

As for the actual running/training thing. Seems to be going OK. I’ve added two new pages to my spreadsheet so that’s good right? And a pretty graph! I’m beginning to level out on my speed improvements so I’m going to try more interval/fartlek training and am going to pootle up the side of the South Downs tomorrow as well, urgh I hate hills! Let me know if you’d like my diary to jump out of a bush and run with me (-:

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