Well, my last day as a normalish person! Actually, I did find out today that although I start my training schedule properly tomorrow it turns out that I don’t do my first run till Monday woohoo!

Anyway, I was thinking about how this is going to change me…

  • I can’t touch my toes, yet. Now, at least I can see my toes which is more than can be said for some of ya. I know toe touching isn’t high on lifes ambitions, unless you’re a retifist, but it still seems like something that I should be able to do.
  • Will it change my positive energy and attitude? I’ve never been one of these exercise junkies, I just don’t get it when people do exercise then say how great they feel afterwards. I feel great after eating a burger, I don’t need to run 5miles in advance of eating the burger to enjoy it even more. But maybe getting fit will change that. And it might make me a more active person overall. My sofa is definitely hoping for this as I have worn a pretty accurate Pete’s Ass shaped dent in it.
  • According to my BUPA report, my ideal weight should be between 83 and 88kg… and at the moment it’s 89kg, so I don’t need to see much difference here, but it’ll be awesome to lose the fat around my tummy.
  • I’ve never really had muscles, or any muscle definition. I find muscular people pretty repugnant although I’d love to have a toned body I guess. Nothing excessive, just enough that I have to fight hoards of screaming supermodels off me on a daily basis. Obviously not all of the supermodels, just… most.
  • I look forward to wearing a pair of trainers out. That will be a big moment for me!
  • What if I damage my body? Urk, I might screw my joints up!

I guess, as long as something like the video below doesn’t happen then I can count myself lucky…

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