Can it get any more fun?

On Sunday I cut the hedge, with a hedge trimmer. Basically a big, noisy, toothed device. Did I get part of my body stuck in it?

Of course! Mucho blood and nearly-fainting and trying to staunch the horrific wound (OK OK it was just a 2cm cut on my finger, although it is still bleeding now 24hrs later when I just checked the bandage).

And because of that I missed my long run yesterday and decided to do it today instead. It started pretty badly as it was heavy rain but I soldiered on like a hero. Half way through the run I found an abandoned airfield with a big fat runway so decided to have some fun (!) with my Garmin GPS thingie, here is the result…

Stick Man

Hehe, pretty cool image of me eh! Anatomically correct as well (-;

I mosied on my way in the heavy rain and thought to myself, this isn’t going so bad. Then a man about 20ft away from me behind a hedge decided to shoot a pigeon with a shotgun… jesus christ I’ve never leapt so far into the air. I hope he missed the pigeon, lovely pigeonnsss.

By then I was getting pretty hot even though it was raining and also noticed a slight amount of discomfort in the nipple region, oh no I thought, I’m wet, I have nipples, my shirt is sticking to me, my nipples are gonna be sore damnit. But anyway it didn’t really hurt that much so I soldiered on.

Now, you need to be sitting down to view the next photo, as when I got home this is the condition of my shirt… seriously, sit down…


Ouch Ouch Ouch! I was convinced I’d worn them off! Luckily it looked far worse than it really was and most of the marks on my t-shirt were watered-down blood. But, even though, OUCH! So, I googled and found out that bleeding nipples is apparently really common on long runs and there are lots of solutions from vaseline to plasters to something called “nipguards”, so I shall be making some prompt purchases! The run was pretty good though, 1hr 24mins for 10miles, in the wind and the rain, with no nips.

p.s. ouch!

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