Only 11 more mil…. Holy WTF 11 more!?!?!

Eggy Bread

I runned 15.5miles today! In one go! Without stopping! Another 11 and I’d be done! boohoo!

Wait, that’s a lie. I did stop to stroke a gorgeous pure white kitty on the footpath, soooo sweet. I saw him/her last Sunday as well so I am secretly thinking he/she was waiting for meeeee, maybe I need to keep some fish in my pockets?

As for the rest of the run, meh it wasn’t too bad, 2:20hrs but it’s clearly very apparent that after 13miles my body is actively considering just giving up and dying as a sensible plan to stop me from breaking it. I guess it’s all miles in the wiggy bank though (-:

The reward for my run today was pretty awesome – eggy bread with crispy bacon on top woohoo! I mean, that’s what all this running is about yeh?

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