Pecked to death by pigeons?


Would you worry if I said I enjoyed running through a field with long plants and enjoyed the soft feeling of them as they brushed against my legs?

How about, if I said my long runs get a bit monotonous and I like to liven them up a bit?

Not so bad really? Sort of normal?

How about if I said that on my run on Sunday I purposely ran against some nettles to see what it felt like?

Oh right, so now I’m some sort of self harming freako! Great, thanks a bunch for your understanding! Yes I did actually do this, I have no clear idea why I did it, although my run was getting repetitive and it is good to get distracted. It didn’t actually hurt either, I think all of my blood just hides deep inside me on a run and keeps away from the pain. It did tingle, and it did distract me for a few minutes (-:

So, next Sunday I’m considering coating myself in bird seed, putting some fish in my pockets and maybe dragging a dead fox behind me for 2hours. That way not only will I break all my records but I won’t be thinking about the run at all. I’ll be thinking about being pecked, nibbling and chased to death.

The picture is from an upcoming exhibition…

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