I had Fatty bronzed…


So, only 3.5months to go *gulp*. In those 3.5months I’ve got to squeeze in a lot of miles though and according to my schedule I have some 20+ mile runs to do.

Oh god, I’m giving up.

OK OK OK stop with the eyebrows I won’t quit. People are starting to ask me what my next marathon will be after New York though. Urr, excuse me, maybe you’d like to lie in a ditch on fire?

As for progress, meh, it’s difficult to feel really positive about my progress and times because my damned distances keep going up. So tonight for example I ran 10miles in 1hr 23mins… which is awesome… but at 8:17m a mile that’s not my fastest time. Sigh, I know, I should shutup and be happier.

My body seems to be holding up, ish. Months ago I had bad pains in the sole of my foot. Then my knees were bad for a month or so, I won’t go into the details on my, cof, middlebits, but then I had bleeding nipples and finally on my run at the weekend my shoulders seized up. Seriously, my shoulders?!?!!? I think they must have been jealous because my legs and ass are getting all the attention from me so far this year. As my body pains are going up and up I might need to glue my eyeballs in on Nov 1st.

My feet are holding up surprisingly well, but changing. I’ve roughly pounded nearly 13stone of hunk (urr, that’s me) onto my feet 511680 times since I started training! Wow! It’s a constant battle though with blisters and hard patches and weird shape changes, but they’re still priddy! Get off them Aieeee!

My weight is sort of normalising but it’s hard to find decent food to stuff in every day. I can definitely relate slightly more to people who get obsessed about their weight as it was genuinely exciting to see the numbers 79.8kg on my scales! Ooo I could get to 69! OK OK put the eyebrows awayyy I’m only joking.

Hmm, I’m not being very positive am I. On a more uplifting note it’s good seeing New York in Ugly Betty! I wonder if Amanda will be waving to me?

I’ll finish with a cool quote… “Marathons are three legged races, you run the first leg with your body, the second leg with your mind and the third leg with your heart”.

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