Yo Momma So Fat…

… she was baptised in Sea World!

Hehe, I quite liked that one. I’m sure your Mum is lovely really. And wow isn’t she good at jumping through hoops!

Anyway, cof, The purpose of this very short post is to show you this graph…


As ever, you’ll need to click on it to read the writing. Yes, In the last 7months I’ve lost about 15% of my body weight and am now under 80kg. Before anyone tuts and tells me I looked like a chewed pencil before I started exercising I’d just like to point out that according to NHS health charts I’m bang in the middle of “Awesome” for my weight and age and height and general sexiness.

I really don’t want to lose any more weight though, in fact I’m struggling to eat enough as it is. Today I had… 1 banana, 1 choc and vanilla yoghurt, 1 apple, 1 jacket potato with chilli and cheese, 1 beef and mushroom meal thingie with rosti potatoes (that was a meal for 2) and a banana milkshake recovery drink. So it’s not like I’m living on fresh air is it so stop criticising me (-:

I’m really happy with the new bod though, it’s a lean mean running machine, well, OK, it’s lean and toned let’s leave it at that.

If anyone would like a squeeze of any particular parts then form an orderly queue! Urr, actually no, not you, you can keep your grubby mitts to yourself!