They’re moving the goalposts!


Not that there are goal posts I hope, unless I’ve completely misunderstood what a marathon is all about?

I achieved a great target in the last couple of weeks – last weekend I managed an 18mile run and today I upped this to 20miles. I’m not entirely sure if I should be increasing this distance or just keeping to 20miles? Pfff, who can tell. Overall this week I ran 40miles eeeeeeep.

My goalpost comment though is that I read today that the last 6 miles count as half of the marathon godamnit! Apparently these last six are very challenging and probably involve hitting ‘the wall’, bugger.

Anyway, on a more positive note, my time was pretty good and I saw swans, rabbits, a fox, the white kitteh, a black kitteh and some herons and hardly any people… because my nearly 3hr run started at 6:30 fricking a.m.! In the morning!

Not long to go now. eep

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