7 weeks to go…

got the staff to take it

Not long eh. The last two weeks have been difficult for training as I’ve been in Mexico tanning my gorgeous ass.

The gym here is 25degrees – sweet toasted jesus that’s hot, so I’ve only been able to run 6miles at a time – at least I’ve managed that nearly every day. I did run outside yesterday, trust me if you think I sweat a lot when running at home then watching the river pour off me in the 34degree sunshine was a sight to behold, I should have brought a surfboard although I’d have just ended up like a hollowed out coconut at the end.

At least concentrating on not melting allowed my brain to try to stop thinking of, well, you can guess what, which it tends to do a lot of whenever I go on holidays now (it didn’t work).

Back home hopefully to cooler weather and longer distances now. I might consider trying to get up to see Eddie Izzard who is due to finish his 43rd marathon next week, if time permits.

And yes, this is me… and no I’m not tensing my stomach. Actually it’s less toned now as I got worried that working on my stomach was causing me to have too many aches when I run. Look OK?

Yeh, I’m twittering again. Derren Brown’s twitters hypnotised me into it