I’m not amazing. Shhhh now, cut that out, now now… OK I’m a little bit amazing. But I’m not *amazing*. These people are amazing…

  • Ranulph Fiennes : you know the story, Britain’s greatest adventurer, polar expeditions, heart attack, seven marathons in seven days, chopping own fingers off with a saw and a vice, climbed Everest.  etc.etc.
  • Dean Karnazes : One of the worlds greatest ultramarathon runners, ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days then ran home from New York to San Francisco, ran 350 miles non-stop in 80hours (yes, really), ran 148miles in 24hrs on a treadmill, ran across Death Valley in 124degree temperatures, etc.etc.
  • Lynne Cox : Amazing swimmer, twice held record for swimming English channel, first person to swim round Cape of Good Hope, first person to swim Bering sea from Alaska to Russia, swam for 25minutes in Antarctica etc.etc.
  • You, of course

Can you even take in what their achievements are? It seems impossible to imagine even being awake for 80 hours let alone spending the entire time running!

I’m not entirely certain what my point is, except, I’ve talked with a few people recently who’s entire approach to life can be summarised by the following three things 1)  moaning 2) thinking everything is someone elses fault 3) having the immediate assumption of total failure when faced with any challenge to make something more of their waking days.

The great thing about the combination of the can do and can’t do people is that they give me great motivation when I’m running. If I ever feel like I want to give up then I imagine Ranulph Fiennes cutting his swollen feet open each night to relieve the pressure then taping them up for the next day, or imagine the blimpos at work blaming everyone but themselves for their problems.

Unfortunately the downside is that spending all this time thinking really slows me down and stops me from running fast! To achieve my best time in the marathon I have to concentrate on two things, breathing in and breathing out. My legs move in time to my breathing so if I breath faster my legs go faster. However if I get distracted by thinking about you and poniez then I forget to breath and then slow down.

Of course, on the day there will be so so many distractions that it’ll be lucky if I get as far as the word “in” and then faint.

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