My mantra

OK, so this is a bit odd I admit. But my awesome marathon book suggested a couple of things to help during training. The first was to imagine a video in your mind of both your best ever run (urrr, best? maybe least worst for me) and then a video of you crossing the finish line. When things get tough you play these videos back to yourself in your head. The second suggestion is to have a mantra that you repeat to yourself when you need a kick in the pants during a run.

Now, you can imagine as it’s an American book that most of their examples make you want to take your trainer off, puke into it and then beat the American to death with it. I managed to create an image in my mind of myself crossing the finish line (in tears oddly enough). However I did manage to create a little mantra that I say to myself out loud when I need to focus.

The problem with saying that out loud of course is that it interrupts my breathing which is apparently an important thing to keep doing. But, at the very least it distracts me for 30 seconds. Here it is…

I’m a Marathoneer and I love to run
I run in the heat of Mexico with the anaconda and mosquitos
I run in the sunshine of Barcelona with the amazing churches
I run in the cold crisp mornings at home up the 2 mile Goodwood Hill
I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been and I look and feel amazing
I never quit before my goal and I never give in to problems
I’m a Marathoneer and I love to run

Have you just been sick in your shoe?

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