M i s e r y

I has a sad

Bah, not that bad things get me down, well, not all of them… but it’s been a crap bloody week!

Today is ONE MONTH till the big day aieeee. And I was feeling pretty good. My training was going fine, I had pains but nothing a rub down from one of my cats couldn’t solve. Then we have a huge redundancy package going on at work (am not affected at the moment), then my thinkpad breaks, then worst of all I’ve really badly damaged my calf muscle and can’t run.

Yes, actually can’t run! I can walk OK, but I can’t bear any load on it. I don’t know how I did it, I definitely haven’t overtrained. I think it’s just one of those things that happens. I’ve had ultrasound and physio (and have more soon) and it just seems I have to rest during the two bloody weeks I should be training to maximise my strength. So, it means providing I do heal OK then I’ll just be taking it easy on November 1st rather than beating any records.

Poo. Am OK though

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