7 days!


Craptastic. Leg isn’t getting any better and it’s *less* than seven days now.

The facts at the moment seem to be that my leg isn’t healing particularly quickly even though I’ve been having physio, been sat on my ass 24hours a day, rubbing myself with frozen peas, wearing a leg compression thingie so much that my legs have got a permanent pattern and elevating my leg by resting it on the particularly fat cat.

Even if my leg does hold out for 26miles (ha) then I haven’t run for FIVE weeks! What on earth are the chances going to be? My toned body is already softening up, fricking thing.

So, in 7 days time my plan is to turn up at 6am, wait around till 10:20 (my start time) and just see what happens. There is no way I’m going to walk if it gets too painful. Having to stop is going to be gutting mentally, but, well I was always planning on running a second marathon anyway to get a good time so all my plans will just shift to the next one.

Imagining how I’m feeling right now?