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Am currently sat in bed (it’s 4pm and this is a rest day) and have been all afternoon. Went to see ZombieLand earlier at the cinema though, suchhhh an excellent film. Why can’t zombies attack us now, it’d be so cool. I imagine it would make tomorrow slightly more scary as well.

I say slightly more as it’s going to be difficult enough. My heart has been rubbish all week, my leg aches like hell – I’ve bought new leg-compression-thingies that have given me sparrow legs. Actually, when I wear them in bed it’s a very odd feeling, almost like I’m more than naked. I have to keep checking myself to make sure my skin is still on. I have a huge pile of stuff ready for tomorrow morning and have been drinking so much water that I’m on the verge of moving into the bathroom. Last night, I kid you not, I went to the loo once every single hour of the night. wtf!

New York is as wonderful as ever. On my first evening I mentioned the marathon to a waiter (when he bemoaned my lack of alcohol drinking) and he said he was going to make a sign with my name on and cheer me along – luckily he’s quite near the start so I should still be going at that point. I think my chances of finishing are crap. In fact I even wondered if I could fake a medal so when I did give up and wander back to the hotel I could look like one of the elite runners who finish in around two hours. It’s quite amazing to think that when I start they’ll be 30minutes from the finish!

Everyone keeps telling me that it’s been an amazing year and the transformation in my fitness and ass makes it all worthwhile still but obviously they’re wrong. It’s like visiting the moon and not getting out for a bounce around. However, I am a positive bunny and am already planning either London or New York for next year and truth be known I have really enjoyed my many runs along the canal, up the hills, past the tip. OK, that last one not so much.

On the point about my awesome ass, my god, it’s been about 5weeks of no exercise and I can already feel some fat on it! Although the runners I’ve seen (there are 40,000 of them in NY) have such amazing bodies that it’ll definitely make me remain fit. Think of me tomorrow morning, starting running at 10:20 and finishing some time after 10:21.

p.s. The image above does not reflect my state of mind. Well, actually, I would be the guy pointing out the mistake. Loser!

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