The utter boredom of running…

… is going to be the death of me. My god it’s mercilessly boring. If you’re home alone, on the sofa, during a power cut… well, there is always… um… entertainment. And that kind of entertainment is pretty difficult when running let me tell you. At the very least you can just lie there and daydream!

But when you’re running you have to concentrate, you have to remember to breathe and if you’re on a running machine then you have to be careful not to fall off. My running machine is in front of a nice view of a pool and hot-tub which occasionally has interesting blobby people to watch, but even that is boring after a while. This is what I do to make the seconds pass (by the way there are a lot of seconds in 40minutes – that’s my current run time)….

  • I count the number of letters in each word of the sign "Guests using gym must consult with trainer before using equipment" and try to remember the numbers sequence
  • I do maths with the running machines display. For example, if the minutes is 25 then I have to watch out for interesting pairs in the seconds such as 25:25 or 25:52. Then I have to work out what percentage of the run I’ve done so far, and how long 25%, 33%, 66% and 75% of the run is in time (which was particularly galling during the 35minute runs).

See? How utterly boring is it for you to even read the mindnumbingly boring things I do to make 4 seconds pass?!?! I usually have my iPod, but I’m beginning to catch up on podcasts, it’d be a disaster to run out! I’d have to resort to my music, aieeee. Sorry this post about boredom was boring!

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