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6.64Mile Chichester Canal Running Route

Urgh, I wasn’t recovered from my 10mile run on Sunday today… and suffered. The route today was only 4miles of the longer 6.64mile run along the Chichester Canal (which goes from near Chichester train station down to Chichester Marina). It’s a lovely route – obviously flat and has lots of interesting things (ducks, swans, geese,  fish, Lord Lucan hiding in a bush, more swans) to distract you from the pain!

6.64 mile chichester canal running route

Remember to click on the image to open a larger version in a new window. You can usually find somewhere free to park at the top of the route (which is right here). Then you run the entire length of the canal all the way to the Marina. There is a cafe at both the start and end of the route as well! If you’re not up to the 6.64mile length then you can turn around after the second bridge (where you have to actually cross the road) which is at the 2 mile point. Unfortunately the route isn’t circular but it’s a lovely pleasant location and a great running surface. The only downside… bloody dog walkers who think their cuddly Mr Wuffles should be allowed to wander in front of you as you plod past forcing you into the canal.