OK so I’m going to bundle all three of these stunning trailers into one post so you can overdose on their beauty…

First up the actual trailer for the Life of Pi┬ámovie… one of my favourite books of all time as I’ve mentioned many times before. The trailer is incredibly beautiful… but… is it almost TOO colourful? I did love it but have a slight worry that it’s going to look like CGI (which of course it is) too much. Spoiler warning, it even has the most beautiful scene from the book, the moment when Richard Parker leaves Pi.

Second up we have the 6 minute long trailer of Cloud Atlas, a book I struggled with on the first read, mainly because I was a bit dim when it came to threading all the stories together. However the film looks stunning and reminds me to read the book again before it comes out. Also unsurprisingly features “Jim Broadbent looking confused”…

p.s. This trailer may wall disappear as there seem to be a lot of take-down requests going on at Youtube

Finally if stories are just too much like hard work then Samsara might just be the thing for you. It’s by Ron Fricke, the same guy who filmed the amazingly titled Koyaanisqatsi which is just an amazing visual and audible experience to have on in the background on a big TV. Samsara (which means ‘The ever turning wheel of life’) has taken 5 years to make over 25 countries and is a showcase for all that is amazing about mankind. Also interesting is that it was filmed, yes filmed, on 70mm!

I can’t embed this one so just follow the link