My new cameraaa

My first digital camera (the Casio QV3000-EX) was awesome, pretty much one of the best in the fledgling market *and* it had a hard disk in it.

My second digital camera(Canon Ixus 400) took great photos, was small, but, I dunno, I didn’t like it. Maybe it was the small screen? Luckily I left it in the field one night (just don’t ask)

My third digital camera was the stunning Sony DSC-T1. It was great in all ways. Except I obviously didn’t love it that much as I sold it on eBay so I could get the newer, sexier, blacker Sony DSC-T7. Mmmm. I loved that one so so much that I dropped it in my pond about a fortnight after buying it. D o h .

And now, after a wait of what seems like a year or ten… I have a new onnne! The Sony DSC-T30. And it’s gorgeoussss. It’s shiny, it’s black and it’s shiny. Mmmm fingerprint marks!

And here, to celebrate my new toy… a gorgeous photograph of the lovely English countryside, spot the lovely blue sky and delicate clouds, spot the flowers in the fields and the WHAT THE HELLL, GET OUT OF THE WAY FATTY !