No Country for Old Men

I went to Cyprus recently… great holiday, terrible Island, full of Brits and dust! Anyway, I only had one book that I was looking forward to reading on the entire holiday… I started reading it as we boarded the plane and damned well finished it as we came into land in Cyprus!

The book… I ain’t telling you the title you can work it out… was a really excellent story. Although it was set in the present day had a lot in common with Cormac McCarthy’s other books in that it felt like it was a time long gone by. I loved how the build up to the *really* obvious ending was handled with such balls (basically the finale in the book happened off camera, um, as it were. Thoroughly recommended.

And the obvious question… if you found several million dollars in a bag, would you keep it? Would you keep it if a psycho was trying to get it back? Would you keep it if a psycho and a bunch of drug dealers were trying to get it back? You would? Wow I love you… but you’re going to die.

p.s. I watched the film… it was good, but not even nearly as good as the book.