Not pea green, but pea sized!

I loved this story… a guy decides to build a tiny boat (5ft 4inches) because it was Fathers Day and justified this by saying… “On Father’s Day you should be able to do what you want to do, that’s your thing”. Righttt.

Then he decides to sail it across the Atlantic, a four month journey. Okayyyy.

THEN, look at this list of provisions…

“65 ready meals, two gallons (9.09 litres) of M&Ms, a gallon of dry fruit, 100 cans of Hawaiian Punch and 34 gallons (154.6 litres) of water”.

You know you’ve got a problem if you’re measuring M&M’s in gallons. And think that Hawaiian Punch is a suitable energy drink for sailing across a bloody ocean!

What an accomplishment though!