Number Twelve or No. 12 or Number 12 or No. Twelve?

Oddly, I may never have gone to this restaurant… as the Great God Google doesn’t seem to think it exists. But I’m going to risk a thunderbolt from the Googleplex and say it does. Anyway, it’s a pretty nice restaurant in Chichester. I’ve been there about three times now and my only real complaint is that most things seem to taste of sun-dried tomato. The manager is down to earth and good natured, hmm, maybe a bit too informal at times I dunno, but better than being too stuffy I guess. On my last visit I shared this starter with Jen although it could easily have fed the 5000…

Then followed it with an excellent steak….

You can’t fault the food at all and the prices are what you’d expect to pay at any restaurant in Chichester really. On my three visits it’s been pretty quiet but I hope it manages to hold it’s ground, and use up it’s dubious wholesale purchase of sun-dried tomatos.