One of these, or a Vectra and 500 sleeping tablets?

Oooh, actually. Imagine owning a BMW 5 series. That sounds quite good. And I like the looks. And it ain’t too slow. I bet all the extras I’d want are expensive though.
The BMW X3. Well I really want an X5, but can’t afford one. Will I always think that if I got the X3? And do I want to drive something like this? I bet it’s a barge.
The Impreza, sigh, have already had one of these so it seems a bit daft getting one again. Was great fun though.

The Saab 9-3 Convertible. It’s a bloody old mans car. But it’s cheap, is a convertible and looks OK.

The Z4, basically ugly and they all seem to be driven by tits. But it’s a sports car (tick), it’s a convertible (tick) and it’s a nice brand (tick).

Sigh, no Mercedes really worth considering. Justttt… cannn’ttttt stretchhhhh to an SLK.

*goes off to look at the boxster and considers selling a kidney or three*