Oryx and Crake

Ooooh, a good book!

Set in the future after an apocalytpic disaster involving gene manipulation, Oryx and Crake is a great story about how it all happened. It revolves around a character called Snowman who lives in a tree… see, you’re interested already!

There are some great ideas about human gene manipulation, like modifying the neural cortex so that people lose the concept of spirituality and the need to worship. The animals were good as well – including the Rakunk (a sweet cross between the racoon and a skunk).

Overall the book manages to carry the idea off and even leaves you with a sense of hope in the end. I wish the author had filled in a couple of gaps though – especially why the thing that happened to Oryx and Crake near the end did happen… did Oryx get caught? Some things I don’t mind an author leaving to imagination, others annoy the hell out of me, it feels like they haven’t finished their job!

p.s. I did think at one point that the Snowman was the wiggy on the front cover of the book